12 comments on “Elegant Tern Fishing Over Marina Bay

  1. I raced right over here from Leanne’s post. When she mentioned that you used a Canon 40sx (I read that you have recently upgraded), I had to see more of your work.
    I’m curious about your transition. Do you mind letting me know how you have fared in terms of comfort and ease of use?
    I do want to move to DSLR but find my Canon is so easy to carry and use when riding my motorcycle.
    How did you choose your new camera? And if you have answered this in another blog, please just refer me.

  2. Reblogged this on SinghCircle and commented:
    A very beautiful picture. Elegant as ever. Have taken a few like these myself. Always a different “view” and always a new persective. Same goes with pictures of the sunset and sunrise.

  3. A very beautiful picture. Elegant as ever. Can never tire of taking photographs of birds and water, the sunrise and the sunset. Always shows something new and each shot presents a different perspectice.

    • I love these small birds. Great fishermen/fisherwomen. I sat for a couple of hours watching this pack hunt over the marina. It was a sweet experience.

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