10 comments on “My Camera Broke!

  1. Thank you so much for all of the kind comments. I am going to try a few of your recommendations and then if all else fails I’ll send it off to Canon and hope for that replacement. You are all too wonderful to respond with your empathy and recommendations.

  2. I agree with walterhampson – put the camera on M and see if you can focus the lens manually, and then (if you haven’t already) try it on a few other presets to see what happens.

  3. Oh, no! Don’t know anything about cameras, but your birding days must stay. Either get a new camera, fix the old, or dig out the binoculars, but birding must stay.

  4. I own the predesessor the SX30is – things to check, have you set the selector to M? Are you able to focus at the mid range? WHat is y9ur normal shooting mode i.e. Auto , P, S or scene? try setting the selector to M and see if ytou can manually focus? If successful move selector back yo your usual setting and try autofocus at zoom again. Is there any error message displayed? One cause I found was bad battery , have you tried a fresh battery? Just some ideas. If you have tried all these to no avail – looks like a trip to dealer and return to Canon for service, hopefully it is still under warranty.

  5. I’m sorry that your camera is out of order BD. Take note of this URL:

    Just days after buying a new Canon camera my tripod fell with the camera hitting the pavement. It literally broke the bottom of the body and the shock made the camera malfunction. It was useless. I simply bought another camera, I tried repair shops they wanted over $100.00 to check what was wrong! Other told me that was too much repair and would cost more than the camera new!
    I stored it as junk in a dresser drawer, two years later I saw the camera there and went directly to USACanon through the internet they told me that it would cost me a little over $200.00 because my warranty was expired. All these without looking at the camera. 10 days repair or before. If it has too many repairs it makes no difference in price of repair. They sent me a new camera!! Same model.Canon EOS T1i that I bought at the end of 2009) I’m happy as hell. Check them out! 🙂

  6. Thank you for your input Leanne. I didn’t drop it that I remember. Well, it has had a few dings. The lens can’t be removed. I’ll take it back to the canon dealer I bought it from in town. I LOVE this camera and bought it specifically for birding and it’s lightweight, zoom capabilities.

  7. It sound mechanical, so you can probably get it fixed. Have you cleaned the sensors on the lens? Or tried taking it off and putting it back on again? I have to admit I know nothing about the camera you are using, but they are things I would try with mine. Sorry, I just re-read it, I’m sure it can be fixes. Different if you dropped it.

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