12 comments on “Blackbird Family (Photos)

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    • Thank you Rommel. He’s a beauty! I do like the WordPress format for keeping up with other bloggers we follow. They make it easy to scroll through images and stories and when one grabs your attention – click! :O)

  2. I had no idea there were so many blackbirds! I like the red winged one, but they are all beautiful. Sorry I’ve been delinquent in my reading–but time to catch up!

  3. Nice captures, it looks like you’re having fun with that new camera, and you’ve got a great series going.

    BTW: I learned a new word yesterday — bokeh (pronounced BOH-kay) — it’s the technical term for “blurry background”. So now I can say things like “nice bokeh there Beedie” 🙂

  4. Terrific photos BD! Great captures!
    Note: You must be aware that most blackbirds are parasitic ( Laying eggs on other birds nests) The result is that some birds tolerate the foreign egg but others simply prefer to destroy them.

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