16 comments on “Red-Tailed Hawk Talons (Photo)

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  3. Great shot. Click to enlarge??? Prefer not, thanks!
    You followed my blog today. Thanks. Hope you got the one you wanted – I have a main one (wildlife of Abaco, Bahamas) and a poorly cared-for side project (UK, Euro & NYC)… Anyway, happy to follow in return. All the best from Rolling Harbour

    • Hi Rolling Harbour – thank you for the follow, I’m particularly interested in wildlife. But love photography in general. Thanks for the introduction and stopping by.

    • Hi Lee…I have quite the zoom lens built into the canon SX40 HS. I was about 10 ft away. I think I did some cropping on this as well but can’t remember. the Zoom lens really allows me to get close up on shots.

  4. Great shot! I once stepped out onto my porch at the moment a hawk swooped down and plucked a snake from my front yard. It was amazing, and I couldn’t believe I witnessed it!

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