11 comments on “My First ‘Indigo Bunting’ (Bird Photos)

  1. Beautiful bird and great photos. Perhaps I could tap into your bird knowledge when I have a photo but don’t know what type of bird it is (happens a lot)?

    • I’d love to help if I could. The books that I have are only of birds in my local area. I also belong to a yahoo slo county birding group (my county) and they have been wonderful about giving everyone a heads up on birds in the area – where to go to find them, what they are, etc. Some very experienced birders in that group. I’ll keep my eyes open for your photographs though and see what I can do.

      • Thanks, Beedie. I’m planning a post on sea birds I photographed in Norway, so that’s way out of both our regions. But someone in your group might know. Appreciate it.

  2. Sweet! Enjoying all your shots and info – it’s like going to school only funner- thank you Beedie!

  3. Excellent shots BD! I can just imagine your elation, it’s good for you, it gives you a tremendous boost of energy! I know what it feels like! 🙂

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