4 comments on “Double-Crested Cormorant (Photos)

  1. We had a Double Crested Cormorant in the UK once (maybe more than that now) and all hell broke out in the birding world here. They’re stunning birds when the light falls on them right.

    • Hi Stephen – they are indeed beautiful. This was the first time I saw one on our back bay. It was all by itself. I think the rest of the cormorants have migrated on. I was hoping he wouldn’t not have seen me and hung around a bit longer so I could have gotten closer. Thanks for stopping by and sharing :O)

  2. You got a gorgeous bird there BD, I can see he’s well fed and looks strong too! Actually in the West Coast they can eat better because the waters of the Pacific Ocean are plentiful of fish appropriate for these birds. The DCC are larger in size than the NC. Great work dear! 🙂

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