9 comments on “Baby Red-Shouldered Hawk – Feeding Time Photos

  1. Very nice photos BD! I can see that as bird photographers sometimes we have to be witnesses to drama and tragic events that happen in Nature. It’s sad but that how it works in wildlife! Things like what you just saw happening are what draw you closer to the birds. 🙂

    • Thank You H.J. I agree. I feel much closer to raptors in general just watching these young ones grow up and observe how the parents care for and interact with their young.

  2. Can I just say, OMG! Your photos are so so amazing! I really enjoy looking at them! Thanks for sharing such wonderful wildlife! I tried to get a vulture the other day. It didn’t work out so well…:-(

    • I’m so glad that you are enjoying these wildlife photos as much as I am taking them. It brings me a sense of peace to be out in nature – observing their behavior. The only vulture I’ve been able to capture was when they had a huge kill they were feasting on and weren’t moving for anyone. Otherwise…they always seem to be moving and looking for food. Good Luck to you!!

      • thanks! He was trying to pick a squirrel up off the road, but seemed really shy. Maybe next time! Often they sit on the fences around the equestrian center with their wings out, but haven’t seen that this year.

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