4 comments on “A Man and his Rod

  1. Which shot do you like best? It’s important to know what you found appealing and wished to convey with your photo.

    • Hi H.J.! My favorite of the shots is the last one. The photo shows how far on the rock this man had to climb in order to find his spot and start fishing. Such solitude and peace. Those feelings are very subjective which is what I think the interpretation of art and photography is – very subjective to the viewer.

      • The point is that the photographer shows his work, his/her inspiration and that is the main work with the “signature” you had in your mind when you chose that composition. Commercially you shoot hundreds of shots and then pick one to be used. As an artist, you must have your choice pointed out. By the way the third picture was my choice too! It has a story to tell. Good BD. Did you read my post from yesterday? There’s something there for you!

        • Thank you H.J. for your valuable input! I always Love it. I must have missed your post from yesterday. But I’m catching up this morning after a weekend away. I’m going to go check out that post right now.

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