8 comments on “A Jedi Master Always Walks Alone

  1. Thank you Irfran :O) I have found that if I start with a ‘great’ photo very little needs to be done. I took about 100 photos of our walk through the Oaks and only a couple of them really jumped out at me as anything with potential. This one really caught my eye and I said to myself, “Oh Yea!” :O)

    • Hello Irfan! Thank you for stopping by. I actually did very little to this photo. It was taken on a walk in the Oaks Reserve forrest where I live. I use Adobe Lightroom 4 for post processing. I reduced the clarity to give it the soft, dreamy feeling and reduced shadows and blacks to bring in more light. That’s about it. I might have adjusted exposure but not sure. The setting was already in place for me to take off on the Jedi Master theme. :O)

      • Hmmm, looks like you did just amount of processing that was needed. You’ve achieved the effect that you wanted your audience to get. That’s a job well done. It does look dreamy, more like a painting.

  2. LOL…she does now H.J. She was quite taken aback when I showed her the photo. She loves my photos :O) I did take a shot of the super moon and it looks like all of my other moon shots! LOL I had no point of comparison to use as a foreground or basis of comparison. Where it rises in my locale I was unable to really capture anything significant. However, I could certainly tell with ‘my eyes’ the difference. It was much much brighter and looked closer than usual. Thanks for asking :O)

  3. You’re funny BD! šŸ™‚ Does she know her nickname? The composition is very lovely
    You never told me if you shot the super moon!

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