5 comments on “Portrait Photography: Working with Models

  1. Very (very) nice indeed Beedie.

    I hated, and struggled with, the portrait portion of my evening photography classes. It all seemed so staged and artificial and wasn’t, I was sure, the kind of photography I “wanted to do”.

    It wasn’t until at least a year later that I reconsidered my position after accidently capturing a few decent portrait style shots with my long lens – from far enough away that the subject didn’t know when, of even if, I was stroking the shutter. And that seems to be the secret for me….. never let ’em know when the shutter may open 🙂

    • Thank you Marcel! Interesting input regarding your experience with portrait photography. I agree that it is always so much more intriguing to capture portraits if the person is unsuspecting. I saw photos of Gregg’s work and I must say it takes real talent to do portrait photography when it ‘is’ staged and make it look ‘unstaged’. He’s really very good. You can check out his work on his site using the link I’ve inserted with his name.

  2. Thank you so much H.J. You make me blush :o) I do appreciate the compliments. This was a different experience for me. I enjoyed it.

    Thank you also Carol Jo.

  3. BD, You amaze me with your photos! First class of Workshop and you do portraits like a Pro already! I’m so glad for you, from say one I knew that you had good eye for composition and artistic concept, you just needed technical instructions for the camera use. I’m proud of you BD! 🙂

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