6 comments on “Sometimes You Have to Stand Out from the Crowd

    • Hi Gerry – I was trying out different filters that day and this one could have been the CP filter. Touch up in Adobe Lightroom 4. Where this tree stands in the park (Laguna Lake) it is such a stark contrast to it’s surroundings . It really caught my eye. Thank you for your kind comments :O)

  1. Ohhh….that’s good info H.J. I just upload in full size. Don’t know any better. I suppose I could purchase more space on my domain server but more importantly I’d want everyone to see the photo – even those with older computers. Thank you for the tips. WordPress should also be able to downsize that but I think I have it set to ‘original size’. Thanks again my friend! I’m enjoying your bird photogrpahy!!

  2. Good work BD! You’re going to need an image editor so you don’t have to upload your photos full size, they’re too dense and wil take too long for older computers to do show the image. The editor will make the same identical image in quality but smaller in size. Right now your pictures are full size and will eat all your server’s assigned space. Ask about this when you meet your teacher at workshop.

  3. Thank you Carol Jo. My photo workshop is this weekend in Morro Bay. I can’t wait. I have so much more I want to learn. Like – photography 101! :O)

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