17 comments on “Best Camera for Not Being a DSLR! Canon SX40 HS

  1. Hi Beedie….I love my Canon SX40 SH!!! In fact I bought two of them last year as horror of horrors I dropped the first one on concrete while trying to carry too many things at one time! Anwyay, I had no doubt that I would simply replicate it and get another rather than shopping around. It’s a great camera…. and for anyone else wanting one….I bought both mine brand new off EBay (a Hong Kong dealer) and paid around AU$379!! Have a great day Beedie….love your pics 🙂

    • That is awesome Gael! I’m so happy you bought an extra one. I love mine, though it is having issues after I took out to sea and it got quite a bit of salt water on it and I didn’t have it protected. But, there is no doubt in my mind I’m sticking with this camera or it’s successor the SX50 HS! Keep Shooting!

    • Be sure to check out their latest model Vicki. They now have the SX50 HS. I still have the SX40 SH and I absolutely love it. Mostly, I just need to learn to become a better photographer each day. But this camera nails it for me.

      • I looked online this morning and they have the SX50HS on sale at one of the local Future Shops.. I’m going to go and look at it this afternoon.

  2. Well today I went out and bought one of these cameras! Thanks for the recommendation. It was on sale and came with a memory card and small tripod. Figured it was the right time to buy. Been playing with it today and can’t wait to see how all the shots turn out 🙂

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