3 comments on “The Buddha in His Succulent Garden

  1. Ms. Savage:
    Interesting article. The digital / pixel manipulations of today are no less art than when Stieglitz used platinum washes to bring out tones when he experimented with new developing techniques. I have a one-person show (live) about Stieglitz at his gallery, discussing how to see art, art vs. commerce, his life, O’Keeffe, and other favorite subjects.
    Wondering if it could be a program of interest for Quantum–is there an arts group? Please e-mail me if you’d like to hear more about it.

    • Hi Michael – sounds most interesting indeed. Quantum participants are strictly licensed professionals in the fields of mental health and substance abuse treatment. Our courses are all online and in those domains only. But I do appreciate the information. Where are you located? I’d personally love to learn more.

      • I’m in NYC but plan to tour with this eventually, so may be coming around. The show is called STIEGLITZ–MAD DREAMER. (stay tuned)…

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